Mungo owl

‘Mungo’ = amiable, gentle, kind, beloved

Crocheted with love … ‘every stitch is a kiss’.

Each Wright Angles hand crafted Mungo owl has a tiny red heart deep inside.

Suitable as a ‘fidget’ or ‘sensory’ toy for a special child; a small gift for a baby shower; a soft toy for any child; a charm for a pram, stroller, walker, back pack, bag or basket; a decoration for a window, door knob or cupboard door; in a collection as a mobile for a child’s room; a Christmas decoration … and lots of other ideas!

Supplied gift packed in a poly bag, sealed with curling ribbon.


  • Approx size: 6 cm wide x 5 cm high (11 cm high including ribbon loop)
  • 100% synthetic materials: acrylic yarn (body), felt (eyes), ribbon (loop), filling
  • Fully washable – gentle hand wash if required
  • Each Wright Angles hand crafted item is individually created and is unique. There may be very small variations (e.g. in colours or trims) between the items depicted and those supplied.
Images include: a) Mungo owl – variations; b) gift pack front view; c) gift pack rear view
Wright Angles hand crafted Mungo owls … made with love and spreading joy … while supporting human rights and social justice projects.

Type: Mungo Owls

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