Baba doll (purple)



  • Approx size: 10 cm wide (from ‘fingertip’ to ‘fingertip’) x 14.5 cm high (including 3 cm loop at top)
  • Materials: 100% cotton inner body (legs and top loop); synthetic outer body (torso and arms); wooden bead; synthetic ribbon
  • Variations: different coloured beads; different coloured scarves (see images)

Custom-made-to-order in your preferred colour/s for outer body, bead and scarf, or your preferred size. Contact us to discuss your specific needs!

SPECIAL BULK BUY: 5 standard baba dolls, $9.00
An assortment of 5 standard Baba dolls at a special 10% discounted price! May be a random miscellaneous selection or your nominated choices!

Please note
The images shown here are a selection of the hand-crafted Baba dolls in my ready-to-order range. Options may vary according to available stock.
Each Baba doll is individually made so there may be variations in colours, sizes or facial expressions.

Wright Angles Original hand crafted Baba dolls … made with love and spreading joy … while supporting human rights and social justice projects.

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