Apple Slinky Machine (peeler slicer corer)

The Apple Slinky Machine (peeler slicer corer) makes eating fruit fun! It is a great way to introduce children to eating fruit.



  • It peels, cores and slices in one easy action that turns an apple into a “slinky” spiral
  • Slices are 5mm thick – ideal for eating immediately or for drying in a dehydrator
  • You can opt to slice and leave peel on (results in less ‘browning’ and a healthier choice with more fibre) or to slice and remove peel
  • It easily and safely can be used by primary school-aged children
  • It is a robust machine – it easily can cope with slicing 50 apples per day!
  • 12 months limited warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Spare parts available

Prepare to be amazed at how your sales of apples increase (Rumour has it that apples taste better after they are ‘slinked’!)

For school canteens:
Many schools feature Apple Slinky on their menus. Some schools roster students to staff a slinky counter to slice apples during recess. Some canteens slice apples brought from home for no charge or a small fee.

A healthy fundraising idea:
Why not combine a slinky sales drive with an apple drive? Schools or canteens can raise funds while promoting consumption of apples in their communities. Win! Win!

For home kitchens or catering:
Use the Apple Slinky Machine for a quick and easy way to prepare apples for stewing or preserving

Can be used with other fruits or vegetables:
Try potatoes, pears, cucumbers, carrots, beetroot and more!

Type: Utensils

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